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Pavel's Super Walking Knot!

Pavel's Super Walking Knot!

£99.99 £197.00

This is a KILLER trick, and was originally priced at £200!

The one I have here is unused, but the props are old - it's just sat in a magicians collection for years.  In order to give it a new home, it's priced to clear!


Congratulations.  You are in possession of one of the greatest rope tricks ever invented.  It has to be seen to be believed.  A MASTERPIECE OF DECEPTION.  Pete Biro writes in GENII - 'Pavel stunned the FISM jury and all 1900 participants with his wonderful rope illusion'.

SUPER WALKING KNOT has been awarded the 1st prize in the category of INVENTIONS.

Effect - A piece of solid rope some 6 yards in length is tied between two chairs.  The rope is cut at ANY position designated by the audience.  The two pieces of rope are tied together.  The knot is then openly moved to ANY other freely chosen position... and is untied there!  The ends of the top are knotted again and the effect is repeated... finally, the top is restored!


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