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Dave Forrest

Olive-A-Sudden by Mike Busby and Dave Forrest


'Olive-a-Sudden' is a table-hoppers DREAM!

It's a chop-cup made from a pub spirit measure supplied with two rubber olives - one of which is 'gaffed', of course - and a miniature bottle of Olive Oil for an off-the-wall final load!

This brilliant combo not only lends some context to the chop cup routine but also makes it extremely compact so, carrying it around at gigs is easy because so little pocket space is required!

It's a great, well made set, totally unique and opens up multiple presentation angles! It would be criminal to NOT take this to your next gig!

You will receive: One chopped spirit measure, one rubber olive, one shimmed rubber olive, one mini bottle of olive oil, instructional download, carrying bag.

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