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Mystic Wallet by Roni Shachnaey

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Liam says...

This is a great little peek wallet, and nicely styled for a modern mentalist / mindreader, with nice leather and zip design, and it holds plenty of business cards.  I nearly kept it myself!

Includes instructions for some nice routines too.

Packaging is a bit tatty, but the wallet is in top condition.

Official Blurb...

Merlins is very proud to have obtained the world exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for the Mystic Wallet from its creator, Roni Shachnaey. It is a real "utility" device and the suggested routines are from Roni's own act which he has done for many years. The wallet has lots of potential and we are sure you will come up with many more routines.

Roni created this wallet for two main reasons:
1. To read spectators thoughts (Peek)
2. To secretly write spectators thoughts.

He has included his own routines which he has done for many years including:
Thought Stealer, Pocket Q & A and Numbers in Mind.

We are sure that you will be able to adapt any "peek" routine for use with this super wallet. It is made from top quality leather with pockets for credit cards, billets etc. It is a great size to slip in your pocket at just 11cm x 8cm, but plays big in any mentalist routine.

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