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Love and War by Jamie Daws
Jamie Daws

Love and War by Jamie Daws


 Whilst telling the heart wrenching story of how childhood sweethearts James and Elizabeth were separated due to the Second World War, a photo of the couple transforms from them as a younger couple, to them in their older years. A simple, startling effect designed to illustrate the story beautifully. 

You receive a printed booklet with the original story and the basic handling. Inside the booklet there is a link to a video tutorial with extra handlings and ideas including a never before seen single photo version. Discussions on ageing props and making additional items for your routine are also discussed. You will also receive photo files for all of the original handlings as well as brand new combinations of the photos to allow you to cater the handling to your own performance style. You will also receive 30 professionally printed photos to get you started! Finally, you receive items needed to produce your own Polaroid for the new single image handling!

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