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Liam's Birthday Bundle - JUST TWO SETS LEFT!

£49.99 £125.00

To celebrate Liam's birthday on Sunday, we've got just TEN sets of his favourite routines at a MONSTER DISCOUNT!

All of the tricks are self-working, all of them are examinable, and all of them are NON CARDS!

Here's what you get, and what Liam has to say about each trick.


It was ten years ago that this trick was first released, and it is amazing to have it back out, and so nicely produced, and to see how well received it was all over again.  In many ways, I think it's the perfect combination of effect and method - each part works together, meaning you can reveal a randomly chosen time, then show it was predicted, and then reveal that there never were any hands on the watch.  The fact that it's examinable, and you are totally clean (with no palming, nothing added to or taken away from the watch) makes it totally baffling for not only laymen, but magicians as well.  


I LOVE this trick!  I think it flew under a lot of peoples radar, or they think that because they don't personally know all of the shows featured, that somehow the trick isn't for them.  But they are missing an amazing piece of magic, and the props (the gorgeous photographs) get EVERYONE talking.  For a social piece of magic, you can't beat it, and you'll find out about your friends favourite shows, the classics they've missed, and you can argue about how the theme tunes really went.  Then, to be honest, I skip the first two phases of the routine as described, and go straight to the 'Time Capsule' prediction bit.  They mix the pictures, make three piles at random, and turn over the top cards... they get (say) Miami Vice, Dukes of Hazzard and the X Files.  Then, you open up your time capsule, and inside you have three pieces of merchandise from the exact same shows!  There's a pin badge, a trading card and a keyring.  The reactions are off the chart, and the emotions involved are so much stronger when dealing with peoples TV shows from their childhood, rather than a mere playing card.


Not only did this fool me badly when I saw it, I don't think I'd EVER have worked it out.  It's not a normal method, and usually Star Sign revelations have 'Progressive Anagrams', fishing, pumping and all sorts of 'goings-on'.  Astrosigns is totally different - you don't need to memorise anything, you never ask anything.  They simply open the book, examine it, and then secretly look up their star-sign, and four different readings.  When they are done, you can instantly reveal everything - all the readings AND their star-sign.  It's also SO practical.  It's A5, so you can use it close up or stage, you can use it for up to four spectators, and reveal all their signs, and there's nothing to remember, nothing to reset, and of course, no moves or sleights.  And the book is beautifully produced - I was proud to work with Mike and think that together, we did an amazing job of his routine!


This is the only trick in the bundle that I haven't been involved in (in some way!) and I'm sorry to say I missed it the first time around.  But I'm making up for lost time now, and it's a killer product.  It's basically a set of Top Trump cards, but you can do so much with them.  You can reveal the names and information, you can play a game with the spectator and predict the outcome, and all this with an examinable pack (there are NO MARKS ON THE BACK OF THE CARDS!)  It fooled me from the demo video, and just how much information you can get, and how it is cleverly concealed so you don't need to memorise anything, is a touch of class!

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