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Kaymar Magic

Kaymar Magic Advent - 2022!


This years Kaymar Advent is the best yet - and we've stepped up our game production-wise too.  The collected eBook will be fully illustrated with a whole heap of photos, to make learning even easier!  

So, what is this?!

For the last few years, we have produced a digital 'Magic Advent Calendar', where a brand new trick is emailed to you everyday from the 1st to the 24th of December!  Due to popular demand (genuinely!) we've spent the lockdowns working on some new tricks and ideas to offer the same service, with shiny new things.

What format is it?

The tricks are typed up by me, and sent via standard email.  This means you don't need any software, there's no long downloading times or streaming issues - just a brand new trick in your inbox, once a day until Christmas.

How do I get it?

Just order as if you would a normal product - your details go onto our special 'Magic Advent' email list, and then you will automatically receive your magic!

What tricks can I expect?

You can expect ALL NEW magic!  None of these ideas have been published anywhere before.  There's new full routines, new presentations for established principles, and clever handlings for classic plots.

Without giving too much away, expect a new false shuffle, a secret so mysterious it needs to be locked up, an astonishing triple prediction with three freely named selections, a demonstration of the new Amazon delivery method (Pre-emptive Prime) and much more - lots of self-working and easy to do magic and mentalism.

What if I join late?

That's OK - it's cool to be fashionably late.  You'll receive all the tricks due from when you join - and on Christmas Day, EVERYONE receives a link to ALL the tricks compiled into one PDF (to save you searching through all your emails when you want to look a trick back up!)

This is a BARGAIN!  What am I waiting for?! 

No idea my friend!  Get yourself in on the action!

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