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Ghost Lamp by Scotty York and Tenyo

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Liam says...

REALLY commercial routine (as you'd expect from Scotty York) and it's visual, clever and super easy.  Most Tenyo stuff is collectable, but this you could definitely use and enjoy!

BE AWARE - the box has taken a battering on this one, and been opened at the bottom.  All the props, and instructions and supplied and basically unused - just played with. :)

Official Blurb...

A spectator chooses a card and places it back in the deck. Deck is divided into 4 stacks of cards. A small light bulb is shown and placed inside a handkerchief. The handkerchief is lowered on top of each stacks of card and the bulb lights to one of the stacks, the top card is turned over to reveal the chosen card. Magician claims that this light bulb is connected with an invisible cord. Scissors are taken out and cuts the invisible cord, turning off the light.
This is an absolutely incredible way to locate a spectator's chosen card! The eery feeling of the bulb illuminating in the spectator's own hands is as commercial an effect as you could ever hope to achieve. Of course, when you cut the invisible wire with your scissors and the light goes out, your audience will be totally blown away! The Tenyo Ghost Lamp is great for trade shows and can be adapted for living and dead tests, jewelry, more. Long unobtainable, this is a visual, mysterious, really sensational effect!

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