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Pat Fallon

Gamblers Remorse by Pat Fallon


 Liam says...

Pat Fallon is a great magician with a knack for creating entertaining and commercial routines.

This is one of my favourites, and ticks all the boxes for a practical, entertaining trick - it's deceptive, uses a regular deck, nice props, ends examinable and clean, can be repeated with a different card, and works itself.  What's not to love?


A spectator is given a chance to win some money without having to gamble any of their own.  A prediction wrapped in a banknote, in a see through leather holder secured with a padlock is left in view.  If the prediction proves not to be correct the spectator gets to keep the money!  The spectator is then given total control over the selection of a playing card from a well shuffled deck and even though the performer has no influence over the spectators actions, his prediction is found to be correct.

This is a baffling and fun close up commercial routine where everything can be handled and examined by the spectator as there is nothing to find.  The deck can even be borrowed.


A laminated prediction, special leather holder, a good quality suitcase lock with keys and keyring.  You also receive full instructions that will enable you to perform this highly entertaining and magical routine.

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