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Force Bag - Choose your own force numbers!
Kaymar Magic

Force Bag - Choose your own force numbers!

Choose your own force number from 1 - 100, the bag is made of 6 x 9 grip seal bags, and 'locked'. So there's only one compartment that is accessible, and that leads to your force number.
I make them this way because you can have the spectator do everything then. I hand them the bag folded, and ask them to unfold it, reach in and grab a ticket, but not to look at it - just hold it in their hand. They follow the instructions, I take the bag back, and bosh - job done.
You get the bag already made up, 100 force tickets of your chosen number, 100 random tickets. The tickets are all different colours, as it looks much more random (tickets of the same colour just look blank when bunched together) and the colours actually add some cover if someone grabs a bunch of tickets.
No instructions or routine - this isn't a full release, just a chance for people who need to force a specific number for, say, a book-test, or ACAAN, to get a customised product.

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