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Fauxtaux by Jon Billett


Liam says...

So here is a bit of an exclusive - Jon Billett has created a lovely routine with a set of photos, and Kaymar Magic will be producing it shortly.

However, Jon had some units already made up, so we are offering these 'preview' copies early!  There's only 5 available, and it's a fantastic routine with great props, so if you want something different, act fast!

Official Blurb

Perfect for mentalists or magicians, Fauxtaux (pronounced Photo) is a collection of  photos of different objects.  You start off by removing them from the envelope, mixing them, having them cut by the spectator, who then removes one and concentrates on the items, which you verbally reveal.  You offer a repeat, and this time you draw the object that the spectator is thinking of.

Finally, the photos and mixed, and the spectator chooses three, which turn out to be (say) a cocktail umbrella, a key and a butterfly.  

Turning your attention back to the envelope that the photos were in at the beginning, you slowly tip the envelope up to reveal a collection of small items inside... a cocktail umbrella, a key and a butterfly!

All with gorgeous, examinable props, and many extra routining ideas to combine with other tricks!

Package includes written instructions, 26 high quality polaroid style photos, 6 duplicate photos you can use for your own routines (or as predictions), and a tube map, cocktail umbrella, key and plastic butterfly.


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