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Kaymar Magic


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CRAZY low price for five best selling DVDS! You will get...
ANY SHUFFLED DECK... A collection of self working routines with ZERO set up - just borrow any shuffled deck and do any of these tricks - including a MONSTER version of Paul Curry's Out Of This World, Thought-of-card routines and 'Mates' - Liam's self-working production of four-of-a-kind from a shuffled deck. Ten routines in all!
DOUBLE LIFT PROJECT... A workshop of techniques for the Double Lift and Double Turnover, including get-readies, different versions of the lifts, and a collection of STRONG magic using the moves! Learn, amongst many other things, The Pinky Count, The Larry Jennings Snap Double, Centre Double Lifts, and Packet Double Lifts with no get-ready. Then use those in tricks from Peter Duffie, Alex Elmsley, George McBride, Mike Skinner and David Solomon!
FALSE SHUFFLES AND CUTS PROJECT - Elevate your self working / stacked deck routines with this barrage of false shuffles and cuts. Learn all manner of styles (Riffle, Overhand, Flourish and more) and then four KILLER routines using the moves! You will learn Optical Shuffles, Stock Shuffles, Up the Ladder False Cut, Dai Vernon's Triumph Shuffle to name just a few, and then the routines include Paul Curry's 'Think of a Card', John Bannon's 'Shock Treatment', Dai Vernon's 'Triumph'!
GAFF-TACULAR - This DVD collects SIX of Stephen Tuckers very best packet tricks together, and teaches you them all, and all the special gaffs you need are included inside! Learn to make three signed selections jump into different pockets and straight back again, in Time After Time. Faces and backs 'Fade In / Fade Out', and blank cards fleetingly print in 'Dreams', plus much more!
CARDIO - A dynamite selection of sleight of hand card magic and teaching, including 'The Other Thing' where four Kings explode from the deck and end up in four totally different locations, 'Reality Burb' which is a shocking Kick-Back style transposition, and 'Pop-Hoff', a visual and original take on the Hofzinser Ace Problem - plus much much more!

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