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Steve Cook

Digital Dilemma - REDUX by Steve Cook


'Steve's new version of Digital Dilemma takes the original (already a commercial classic) to a whole new level.  Pure entertainment that will fool you - exactly as magic should be' - Liam Montier

Steve Cook recently paid us a visit to the Kaymar offices, and he bought a couple of routines to show off - this was one of them!  He had some units he used to sell at lectures, but has recently stopped lecturing, so we snapped his last few up!

What a fooler!  A spectators ring is locked onto a combination padlock.  They choose a bunch of number cards to make the combination... but it doesn't work!

'I think you have the right cards, but not necessarily in the right order!  Go with your instincts and arrange them however you like...'

The spectator now rearranges their chosen number cards... puts the combination in, and CLICK!  They release their ring!!

DIGITAL DILEMMA REDUX uses a different handling to Steve's original trick, and includes full routine (not just the instructions, but all of Steve's gags and bits of business) and ALL THE PROPS you need, including the gag items!

You get...

Combination Padlock - Nail File - Magnifying Glass - Number Cards - Comedy Prediction Card - Plastic Wallet - Instruction Booklet!

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