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Die-Abolical V5 by Steve Cook and Alakazam Magic


Liam says...

Die-Abolical (AKA Psycho Dice) is an absolute classic, and a trick I've performed personally for twenty years! (When did I become old enough to say things like that?!?!) 

Steve Cook has continued to improve, twist and refine the basic concept, and has now come up with what has to be the definitive version.

Die-Abolical V5 keeps the super clean handling, but doubles the amount of dice in play, so the spectator chooses one from SIX, instead of just three, and has added an amazing commercial revelation - as well as a subtle addition that makes it work in any language.

It is now one of those tricks that you will learn, and perform for a life time.

 Official Blurb

Alakazam Magic are proud to work with Steve Cook, Steve has been creating magic for decades and his creations are used by magicians the world over. 
Die-Abolical is one of his most famous creations with the original version being performed by the great Wayne Dobson on British Television. 
Over the years Steve has released different versions of the plot (each version getting even more fooling) and V5 is the best and most fooling of all! 
Imagine giving you spectator a choice of one from 6 coloured dice and you clearly show you predicted it from the very beginning.
*By using 4 blue dice and 1 red and the bag (supplied in your DieAbolical set) you also have the perfect props to perform Max Mavens legendary Kurotsuke routine from his Video Mind Series 
Each sent of Die-Abolical V5 comes beautifully packaged and contains 
6 X Coloured Dice
6 X Reveal Dice (For Comedy ending)
Custom designed reveal box with adaption insert
Cloth bag
In-depth online video tutorial  


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