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Delorian by Dave Forrest DVD and Props! - Kaymar Magic
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Delorian by Dave Forrest DVD and Props!

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DeLorian is a show stopping ‘Signed Card to Impossible Location’ effect that can be performed at any time during your act with any freely selected card! And, it’s just as easy to do as it is absolutely stunning!

"I must say, pulling that card out of the cellophane looks fu**in' great!"Cameron Francis

The DeLorian gimmick allows you to apparently remove a folded card from under the cellophane of the card case in a natural and completely deceptive way. There are no awkward gaffs or suspicious moves - the illusion of the card coming from the cellophane is clean and clear and at the end of the effect everything may be thoroughly examined, there is nothing to find!

"A fun trick with a novel presentation and an intriguing method. You've proved that a good trick is all in the details!"Andi Gladwin


A spectator freely selects a card and signs their name across the face. The magician takes the card and demonstrates how certain magic effects can create the impression that time itself is being manipulated. Time and again, the signed card seems to jump suddenly back in time into places and positions it was seen just moments before. Finally, the spectator shuffles their signed card back into the deck but when they look through the cards they find it is gone! The magician draws attention to the card case which has been in full view throughout the entire effect and which you haven’t been near. Under the cellophane on the front of the case is a folded playing card. This card is cleanly removed and handed to a spectator who unfolds it to discover it is none other than their signed card and everything can be examined.

"Great trick! The DeLorian finish is excellent thinking - it looks very convincing. But, I like the whole routine - really good presentation." Peter Duffie

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED WITH THE DVD! The gimmick produces a totally convincing optical illusion and allows you seamlessly cause a signed card to appear under the cellophane of your card case! 

"DeLorian is absolutely brilliant as usual! Very simple, yet beautifully elegant. I've just tried it in the mirror and the removal looks awesome!" Iain Moran


1. Intro 
2. Performance 
3. The Gimmick 
4. Explanation 
5. DeLorian DeLuxe 
6. Other Ideas 
7. Outro
YOU WILL RECEIVE: DeLorian DVD plus the special something.

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