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Deck Dropper by Trevor Duffie
Trevor Duffy

Deck Dropper by Trevor Duffie

£15.00 £27.00

Instantly produce a deck of cards from the sleeve! 



1 Deck Dropper (Poker Size) Black

2 Safety Pin Attachments (1 Spare)

1 Mini DVD

Fits neatly into your sleeve or anywhere in jacket.

Instant re-set

Easy to load

Can be used in conjunction with a deck switch

Durable polypropylene construction 


"Wow! Not only does this produce a great effect, but it frees up a pocket, instead of costing me one! This is the perfect utility prop for the working pro!" 

- Michael Ammar 


"I can say with confidence that the working magician who wants a cool way to product a deck of cards, as well as more pocket space, will find this device one of their best purchases ever! 


The Deck Dropper has so many possibilities that you will want two. Easy to load, easy to reset and easy on your confidence, as the workings are very clever." 

- Jim Pace 


"Trevor Duffy has come up with the only save, reliable way to produce a pack of cards from the sleeve. i was delighted by both the quality and ingenuity of his invention, and I can't wait to use it!" 

- Joshua Jay





"I think that Duffy's deck dropper is one of the best engineered magic props that I've seen in awhile. It's professional, effective and works flawlessly. I highly recommend this one." 

Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 1/21/2009 


"This utility prop can be used in many other ways – its use is limited only by your imagination. 5/5 stars rating " 

John Teo, Magic Boutique (Singapore) 2/3/2009 


"I had fun with this impressive gimmick. If you have a need for it, it's a no-brainer purchase." 

Christopher Carey, MyLovelyAssistant 7/29/2009


"It's very easy to load, even mid-routine, it can be used at any time in your act, it is reliable and (relatively speaking) inexpensive. I love it." 

Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 4/1/2009


"I was truly impressed by the overall quality of the design and is the bargain of the year." 

Jim Kleefeld, M-U-M Magazine 8/1/2009

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