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D Minus 5 by Steve Dela - Special Forcing Dice Set - Kaymar Magic
Steve Dela

D Minus 5 by Steve Dela - Special Forcing Dice Set


Liam says...

These are GREAT!  In the package are three specially made dice and six small envelopes, so that you are ready to perform Steve's professional routine.

In effect, the six envelopes are shown, mixed and dealt into a line.  Three dice are given to a spectator, and they roll them, keeping the envelopes at the numbers they roll.  They get to keep 5 of the envelopes, and you will get the one left on the table.

After just a couple of rolls, your spectator has 5 envelopes, and each is opened to reveal a comedy 'fortune' or message.

The one the spectator has left you with, however, contains the £20 note!

There are lots of forcing dice on the market - what makes Steve's unique is that usually, particularly when using a large number of special dice, there will be one certain number that keeps coming up, more than it would at random.  This custom made set nicely avoids the problem, and makes the whole principle much more deceptive and totally undetectable!

Package includes...

Download link to Steve's full routine

Three special custom made dice

Velvet carry bag for the dice

Six small colourful envelopes

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