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Chop Glass by Alan Hudson
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Chop Glass by Alan Hudson

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Liam says...

Great condition, just opened for a quick play and review purposes.  

Official blurb...

CHOP GLASS - Created by Alan Hudson 

The Chop Cup has become a classic of magic for stage and close up magicians.

You can now perform this amazing effect with a borrowed wine glass. Even though everything can be examined, the ‘Chop Glass Cloak’ fits snugly around the glass instantly gimmicking it for your routine.

The Chop Glass is not only sophisticated and elegant. It provides you with new visual ways to produce ‘loads’. These are fully explained by Tom Wright as well as his professional audience tested routine for the Chop Glass.

The package comes with your individually hand made Chop Glass Cloak and two traditional balls.

"I have always loved the appeal of the effect the chop cup gives an audience...but I HATE the cup itself. Who pulls out a metal cup? With chop glass you get class and mystery all wrapped into one single BRILLIANT gimmick. THIS is a WORKER of the highest order!"

 -Justin Miller-

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