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Tanner Wainwright

Business Confidential by Tanner Wainwright

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VERY clever peek device.  Package includes a bonus un-gimmicked card holder (not required for the performance, but nice to have!)

Imagine. . .handing a spectator a business card and a Sharpie® and the spectator either draws a simple object or writes a name or place on the card.

The spectator then inserts the card inside a 'coin' envelope and places that into their pocket or anywhere you will not have access to. You then immediately duplicate their drawing or write their exact word on another card and reveal it to them . . .and you are CLEAN!

The system comes complete with: Business Card Case, Coin Envelopes, Sharpie® and complete instructions for use. Just add your own business cards and it's ready to go . . . right out of the box!

Business Confidential is a drawing or word duplication system that will quite simply leave them speechless!

Seemingly plucked right out of their mind!

They'll be talking about you for a long time!

More importantly . . .They'll carry your business card and show it to everyone from that day forward!

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