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Couldn't make it to the Blackpool 2017 Convention?

Pick up our THREE NEW EXCLUSIVES for a limited time anyway - and we'll pay UK postage!

Bundle includes...

THE MAN WHO KNOWS - A killer double prediction where a spectator chooses a mini poster of a famous magician, and a playing card.  A prediction envelope contains a poster of the magician, and reveals the card as well!  Gorgeous props, self working, and VERY deceptive!

SIMON LOVELL'S OBLIQUE BRAINWAVE - A deck of cards is shown, a spectator grabs a bunch of them and deals into a pile, stopping when they like.  You show all the other cards they didn't choose - they are all different, regular cards.  THEY turn over their selection, and it has a DIFFERENT COLOUR BACK!  Self Working, No Gaffs, No Gimmicks, No Sticky Stuff, No Moves!  This is a FAVOURITE trick of ours!

BERMUDA TRIO - A beautifully produced booklet of routines, including demo favourite 'Twinkle'.  Two regular decks are shown, one given to a spectator who mixes them BEHIND HIS BACK, and pockets three random cards.  You open the second deck, and do the same thing.  ASTONISHINGLY, ALL THREE CARDS MATCH THE SPECTATORS!  Regular decks, no sleights or moves, no maths, memorisation or gimmicked cards!  *BONUS* the booklet details two other variations, one suitable for formal close up or stage, and one for strolling!

All three tricks were huge hits for us at the convention, and while we have plans to bring them all out properly over the next coming months, I thought it would be cool to offer just TEN sets to those who couldn't make the convention, but fancy getting in on something exclusive for a little while!

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