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Emerald Magic

At The Races by Pat Fallon


Liam says...

Pat comes up with some really commercial magic, and it fits in so well with the sort of magic we offer at Kaymar, that we had to have these.

It's a totally self working routine, where a spectator chooses a racehorse and course using some numbered cards, and you predict both!  Then as a kicker, you remove a betting slip that predicts the amount of money they would have won as well, had they bet!

The production is top notch - the cards are solid plastic, so will last a lifetime, and Pat has included SIX different prediction photographs, so you can change the prediction each time you perform it!  There's lot of other little extras as well, which I won't spoil here!

If you like easy to do, social magic, you can not go wrong with these - it's the perfect trick for the pub or coffee table, and resets if you gig with it too.

The Blurb!

You don't have to be a racing expert to have fun with this unusual piece of magical entertainment from Pat Fallon.  True it revolves around the theme of horse racing, but in reality it is a baffling three way prediction effect.  

A spectator is given the opportunity with the aid of some numbered cards to select a racecourse from the official list of British racecourses, choose a horse from the list of runners in the Mystical Handicap and then have an imaginary bet on that horse...

Despite the fact that the numbered cards are throughly mixed and divided and the spectator chooses which group of numbers are used for the selections, their choices match those predicted by the performer, right down to the exact amount of money the spectator who'll have won if it had been a real day at the races! 

All the excitement of horse racing without the fear of losing your shirt...


Ten solid plastic credit card style number cards, a full colour three fold brochure style racing card (laminated for longevity) six postcard photos of horses (so you can change your prediction each time you perform the trick!) and more, together with Pat's entertaining routine!

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