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Paul Stone

Absolutely Impossible / Kaps Wallet Combo by Paul Stone VERY LIMITED EDITION!


A Ken Brooke Signature Classic 

Includes a certificate of authenticity, numbered 061 of 500!

Amazing quality leather wallet, made by Paul Stone to commemorate 25 years since Ken's visit to the USA to receive a Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

Absolutely Impossible / Kaps Combo Wallet

Fred Kaps & David Howarth Effect - The performer shows a sealed envelope inside his wallet which contains a prediction and this is placed onto the table in full view of the audience. The spectator is asked to deal cards from the deck one at a time onto the table and at anytime to place one card face down on to the closed wallet. He does so, and incredibly when the envelope is opened, the prediction exactly matches the freely selected card! The rest of the deck is spread and every card is different. The Wallet - Regular Kaps Wallet with Absolutely Impossible wallet built in. Really well made. Released by Paul Stone's 'Unique' Magic Collection. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Ltd Edition. A Ken Brooke Signature Classic.

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