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Holes by Dave Forrest



Liam says...

I got these from Dave because I have ALWAYS loved this trick - as a card magician, the sandwich plot is a favourite, but Dave's idea with the hole card just adds a totally new and visual take, without any 'pinging' elastic or difficult handling.

It's also incredibly versatile, and has much wider application. You could vanish the card, or do a torn and restored, shrink a card, change the back colour, fuse two selections together, age it, and much, much more!

If you order today, you get a set of specially made cards and instruction sheet mailed to you in the post, AND instant download access to a PDF, which details the sandwich trick PLUS two bonus effects, which in typical Forrest fashion, are easily as good as the sandwich!

Official blurb...


This really is a SUPER VISUAL sandwich! A signed card which was lost into the centre of the deck suddenly appears between two blank cards, one of which has a massive hole in it, as they are waved over the deck. The spectator actually sees their card arrive through the hole!

Extremely visual. Easy to do. Resets automatically. Special cards included.

Also includes TWO bonus effects...

A card is freely selected from a genuinely shuffled pack and signed across the face before being lost into the centre of the deck. A second indifferent card has a hole punched through it. The hole is visibly removed from the indifferent card and thrown into the deck. The deck is spread and the signed card is now face up in the middle of the pack. As it is slowly pulled from the pack it is seen that the hole is now on the signed card! No special preparation. No gimmicks. Can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Nothing added or taken away. A real world stunner!

THE HOLE CABOODLE - A selected card is placed on top of a shot glass and a coin is handed out. The audience are challenged to get the coin into the shot glass, but it’s not that easy, there are some conditions. Whether they succeed or fail a magical solution is presented. A ‘portable hole’ is attached to the card, which then becomes a real, honest to goodness hole, and the coin is simply dropped through the card, into the glass. An extremely engaging, eye-popping routine that is very easy to do.

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