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The Professional 'Just Chance' Dice! - Kaymar Magic
Kaymar Magic

The Professional 'Just Chance' Dice!


 Imagine being able to perform this effect - you have six envelopes. A spectator freely mixes them and numbers them 1 to 6, completely freely and fairly. You deal the envelopes out in a row, and hand the spectator a dice.

You explain that they get to keep FIVE of the envelopes, totally at random. They roll the dice, and keep the number envelope that they roll. This is repeated until they have five envelopes, and there is just one left, which is left for you.

On opening the five envelopes that the spectator got to keep, they discover lottery tickets. You exclaim that they are lucky - they have the chance to win millions of pounds!

You, however, have not been so lucky... your envelope contains a mere £50 note...

Of course, you can customise the routine any way you like, using numbered boxes and a 'Deal or No Deal' theme, or numbered gift bags for platform / stage work, etc.

The package includes a full set of professionally and custom made dice (which is what allows the total unparalleled freedom of handling), six envelopes and instructions detailing the routine and other ideas and tips!

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