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SDP by Mick Wilson - Book - Kaymar Magic
Mick Wilson

SDP by Mick Wilson - Book

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"Dan Brown suggests that knowledge is a tool, and like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user. What Mick Wilson has given us is a tool with the highest of versatility, the question is HOW are YOU going to use it? " - Michael Murray

Mick Wilson is both proud and humbled to announce that his first official release to the magic and mentalism community ‘SDP’.
‘SDP’ is an 80 page booklet which details a highly deceptive, yet super simple card control of which is destined to find a new home within your repertoire.  This is accompanied by thirteen routines and bonus ideas from such minds as Liam Montier, Karl Scott, Manos Kartsakis, John Carey and more.
Alongside the book you will also receive two custom printed playing cards which are used alongside the fantastic ‘Daylight Savings’ routine which is fresh from the mind of Steve Haresign.
Check out a few of the quotes I have received below - 
"I seriously love the disarming flexibility of Mick Wilson's of those rare card-handling procedures that exemplifies the concept of 'why run when no one is chasing you'. SDP is an open-handed utility tool that conjurers will use to great advantage when creating new effects in the years to come." - Mick Ayres, South Carolina, 2016
"The Spread Drop Placement by Mick Wilson is an awesome utility move that you will use!  Also known as SDP, well to me it is certainly that! Simple, Deceptive, Practical... This comes highly recommend" - Mozique, UK, 2016
"As with all things, I believe in working them first before I will comment on them and the spread drop placement is simply invisible and I adore its simplistic beauty! I tip my deerstalker to you Mr.wilson!" - Ben Cardall? - UK, 2016

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