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Red Rover by Dan Harlan - Kaymar Magic
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Red Rover by Dan Harlan


Liam Says...

Whilst not produced by Kaymar Magic, in the studio this is a Kaymar Classic, and over the years it's been a big hit, and to be totally honest, I think it's 'flown under the radar' a bit, despite Dan Harlan's reputation for awesome magic (the scary cover art might not help either though!)

It's basically a 'minimalist' version of cards across, but the awesome part is that it's a THOUGHT OF CARD that travels - and you, as the magician, literally never need to ask the name of it!

So, effect wise, you spread a deck across the table, and they can check that every single card is different - they are.  The spectator then takes the pack and deals 20 cards into your hand.  The rest are discarded.

You hand 10 cards to the spectator, who counts them again to check there's definitely 10, and then they trap the cards between the hands.  You never touch them again.

From your packet, the spectator thinks of any card they see.  You click your fingers, and count the packet.  There's now only NINE!

Without the spectator naming their card, you show all 9 cards one at a time, and their selection has completely vanished!

Now, again without you touching anything, the spectator opens their hands and counts their cards again... now they have ELEVEN... and their thought of card is now in the packet!! :D

The package includes a booklet with fantastic instructions, all illustrated, and with extra presentational ideas (I play it very straight, but there's lots of possibilities to personalise the trick) and a bunch of very, very clever and special gimmicks, on red bicycle.  You need to supply a regular red bicycle deck, and you are ready to go!

Official Blurb

A spectator merely thinks of any card seen in a small packet of ten cards. Instantly, the thought-of card vanishes, leaving only nine cards remaining! The vanished card re-appears in a packet held by another spectator! The magician never touches these cards, and doesn't even know what the selection was.

Comes complete with the necessary, specially-printed Bicycle cards and detailed, fully-illustrated 20-page instruction booklet.

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