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Gaff-Tacular by Stephen Tucker, presented by Liam Montier



I think most people know that I'm a HUGE fan of Stephen Tucker, and when he retired, I purchased the rights to a TON of his effects and DVDS.

Gaff-Tacular celebrates Stephen's magic by collecting six of the very best gaffed card tricks and putting them onto DVD, and including all of the necessary gaffed cards!

All the tricks are fun, social, easy and fooling!  Blank cards become printed and then blank again in a heartbeat (FADE IN/FADE OUT), cards change into selections one at a time, and then into a bizarre mishmash! (DREAM)  Blank cards are used as crystal balls to reveal the future (SPECTRAL BEASTS), signed cards vanish and appear in different pockets, and then jump back to the deck even more impossibly,(TIME AFTER TIME) and take on a life of their own in a crazy cards across routine (DECENNIAL DELIGHT) and 'ABSINTHE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER' is the perfect three card trick for your wallet!

Together with these routines, you get all the gaff cards you need, and I teach all the handling, together with professional hints, tips and touches on how to present them, make them commercial and practical for professional use, and put your own stamp on them!

Get ready for GAFF-TACULAR!

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