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Aces From The Fore - Stephen Tucker - Kaymar Magic
Big Blind Media

Aces From The Fore - Stephen Tucker


Liam Says...

This is one of my favourite card tricks EVER!  Invented by Stephen Tucker, I bought the rights to it a few years ago, and have been happily ripping Aces out of other cards even since!

However, earlier this year, Big Blind Media professional Owen Packard saw me do this, and suggested we release it with SPECIALLY PRINTED CARDS - this was a much sexier idea and I jumped at the chance!


Official Blurb...

Visually rip the four Aces right out of the Four Of Hearts!

Contains three special custom printed Bicycle Gaff Cards!

Aces from the Fore is a visual, eye-popping, Ace EXPLODING routine invented by the actual wizard that is Stephen Tucker.

The special Bicycle branded gimmicks provided allow you to take a Four Of Hearts and proceed to tear the the Ace Of Hearts straight out of it. One second you're holding the Four Of Hearts, then next you have the Ace Of Hearts and the Three of Hearts.

Then you tear the Ace of Diamonds from the Three of Hearts, leaving you with the Two Of Spades (well, you are looking for BLACK aces now).

To finish you pull the Ace of Spades from the Two Of Spades, leaving you with the Ace of Clubs... and - voila - YOU HAVE RIPPED ALL FOUR ACES FROM A SINGLE CARD!

Fast and furious, this virtually self working stunner makes the perfect opening for ANY set of card routines.

Learn not only the cunning principle and how to use the devious gaffs, but master advanced handlings, regular deck variations and even a borrowed, shuffled deck impromptu version.

PLUS - As a MEGA bonus, Aces From The Fore just happens to finish with you set and ready to perform one of the greatest four ace tricks of all time... and WE TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT!!!

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