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A.I.R by Dave Forrest - Kaymar Magic
Full 52 Productions

A.I.R by Dave Forrest


Almost Impromptu Riser

Being a huge fan of the classic 'rising card' effect, Dave asked himself the following question:

Is it possible to cause a freely selected and signed card to rise from the centre of a regular deck of cards that is locked inside the card case?

The answer is YES! The answer is A.I.R.!

Any card is freely selected from the deck. The card is signed before being lost back into the pack. The pack is placed into the box and you focus your attention on the top of the cased deck. Slowly and eerily, a card is seen to rise from the centre for well over half its length. That card is the signed card. It may be removed by the spectator who may also examine the entire deck - there is nothing to find!

  • The deck is 100% regular!
  • The rise is under your complete control!
  • The card and the deck can be removed and examined by the spectator!

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