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PSY-Kick by Liam Montier - Kaymar Magic
Kaymar Magic

PSY-Kick by Liam Montier


Proposing a demonstration of ESP, the performer removes a small plastic wallet with some cards on one side and post it notes on the other.

Removing a post it note, he has the spectator draw an ESP symbol (and perhaps some initials or a number) whilst his back is turned. The spectator hides the note before the performer turns back around.

The performer now opens the wallet and removes the ESP cards, spreading them across the table. Passing his hand over the line, he suddenly stops over one symbol, and it is the chosen one! Pressing on, he can then reveal the number or initials that the spectator had thought of!

Be sure to check out the end section for other ideas, as you aren't just limited to revealing symbols and initials or numbers. Birthdays, Zodiac Signs, Moods, Colours, Drawing Duplications etc. are all possible, and highly practical with PSI-Kick and all can be performed without the use of a table, making it an ideal trick for strolling or performing 'on the fly'.

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