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If you didn't get a chance to get to Blackpool, then you might have missed out on our NEW and EXCLUSIVE items...

However, we have got a VERY LIMITED amount of the tricks remaining, and decided to do a 'bundle'.

Note that all of the items are brand new, and will be released separately over the coming months.


The Bundle Includes...


A super visual and self-working haunted deck routine - you show a deck of cards, and then remove the Jokers, but in a magical way.  The pack spookily and visibly cuts itself to the first one, and then the second Joker FIRES out of the pack at high speed!  It's the perfect opener, and leaves you with a totally regular deck, ready to go!


Simon Lovell's version of John Bannon's classic is a MONSTER!  You have two cards removed from the deck, and the spectators keep hold of them.  The deck is cut into piles, and all the piles mixed face up into face down in a big heap of a mess.  With a single click, the deck is spread and ALL THE DIAMONDS ARE FACE UP, and IN ORDER, with just the first spectators card missing!  But what do you do for the second selection?!  Just one click later, you spread the cards again, and now the face up diamonds have TURNED INTO THE SPADES, again all in order, and reveal the second card!  No moves, no sleights and totally self working - the deck does ALL the work for you!


This is my favourite of the Blackpool releases, and is a complete FOOLER!  You get a set of 5 custom made ESP Pin Badges, carry bag, ESP deck and booklet of three killer routines - here's a sample of one...

You tip a set of 5 ESP symbol badges out of the bag, and lay them off to one side. In the meantime, to test the psychic powers of your spectators, you deal some cards to a row and they freely choose one and concentrate on the symbol.

You pick up the bag, with the badges balanced on, and focus your spectators thoughts on the bag.  Then suddenly, you release the bag, and all the badges fall... except ONE!  It is the spectators symbol, it is really is ACTUALLY PINNED ONTO THE BAG!

There are no magnets, gaffs, sticky stuff or other cheeky shenanigans!

Package includes booklet, three routines, bag, ESP cards and set of badges!

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