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Haunted Hank (aka Glory) - GHOSTBUSTER EDITION! Kaymar Exclusive!


'I ain't afraid of no ghost!'

The classic Haunted Hank has been a close up trick for years, but often made cheaply, out of inexplicably ghastly cloth.

So, Kaymar Magic is proud to present these hand made, top quality Haunted Hanks, made from Ghostbusters Fabric!

The effect is that you show a handkerchief on both sides, lay it down flat and fold it into a square.  A 'ghost' is caught from the air, and thrown into the folds of the cloth.

Suddenly, the cloth starts moving and animating, (completely under your control all the time) as the ghost tries to escape!  Eventually you throw the handkerchief open, and the ghost is freed.  The handkerchief is shown to be free of any attachments (there's no thread or magnets!) 

Perfect for halloween, family magic or geeky presentations!

Includes handmade, high quality special 'haunted handkerchief' and written instructions with routine and bonus ideas!

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