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Jigsaw Card - Mike Austin - Kaymar Magic
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Jigsaw Card - Mike Austin


Initially inspired by Mike's desire to perform a 'matrix' effect with the pips on a playing card, Jigsaw Card is a very visual and creative piece of card magic.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Mike perform this in his lectures will know just how effective this is and why Mike is continually asked to "Do it again" by lay audiences.

Simply, you show four playing cards - each one has a quarter of a playing card printed on it. Magically, these 'quarter cards' become two 'half cards', and then, like an automatic jigsaw puzzle, the pips gather on to one card to make one whole card, leaving the other three blank.

Not difficult to learn, you get Mike's full instructions plus the cards, which are professionally printed on Bicycle stock.


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