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357 by Tom Lauten


Liam Says...

This is a KILLER trick, using the same principle as the ESP TELEPATHY CARDS that we used to stock.  It's a TOTAL fooler, and 357 takes the basic method and premise, and adds a lovely presentation.

So, effect wise you have 6 envelopes and 6 blank cards.  EVERYTHING is unmarked.  The blank cards have CLICK written on one side, and BANG on the other.

The envelopes represent the chambers of a gun, and a spectator plays Russian Roulette by 'loading' one of the envelopes by turning the card over, so it says BANG, while the others are loaded with 'CLICK' cards.

Now, the spectators totally and utterly shuffle the envelopes.  They hand them back to you, and you deal them into a line.  From there, you can reveal the envelope that says BANG however you like!

Here's the cool part.  Nothing is marked.  The envelopes are regular and can even be borrowed.  Everything is examinable, there's no reset, and if someone turns over 2 cards instead of 1, you will still know!

The DVD includes all the instructions and routine, and it comes with 12 cards and 6 envelopes so you are ready to go!

VERY highly recommended.

From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357"

Official Blurb!


A participant is invited to examine six cards, each one has the word 'Click' on one side and 'Bang' on the other. Six regular envelopes are examined and any card is placed into any envelope as the performer explains that each card represents a bullet and each envelope is the chamber of a gun. Turning away the performer instructs them to place one card showing the 'Bang' and the others showing a 'Click' into each envelope. All are mixed up as the performer turns back and attempts to divine which envelope contains the 'Bang' card.

Using suggestion, precognition and persuasion the performer puts money on the table and states that if he makes a mistake he'll lose the cash. Maybe not as life threatening as a live bullet but none the less painful in it's own way. Each envelope is eliminated one by one, more and more cash is placed on the table until just one remains. Despite the real test conditions you will succeed every time. No marks, peeks, impressions, forces, electronics, duel reality, equivoque or pateo.

You really do not see a thing, they can choose any card, any envelope, in fact they can use their own if they really want to.

Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann teach 357 and then show you how to adapt the routine for other effects, living and dead, bank night, win or lose.

You are supplied with gimmicks that enable you to be ultra clean with a technique that is truly remarkable.

With 357 you will be able to display true test conditions for a close up performance piece that is as direct as it is astonishing.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min

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