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Emerald Magic

The Ultimate Irish Three Card Trick by Pat Fallon


The performer offers to show the Irish version of the three card trick... using four blank cards!  To make it more interesting one of the blanks is put on the table and a card with a shamrock on it is introduced and mixed along with the blank ones.  No matter where the spectator thinks the shamrock card is, he will always be wrong as the cards are once again shown to be all blank!

Suspicion that the tabled card now bears the shamrock is quickly dismissed as this is turner over to reveal a picture of the Lucky Leprechaun on it and the shamrock card is in fact discovered back in the wallet it came from!  

To simply matters, the performer now uses only three cards, two blanks and the shamrock, but this time the luck of the Irish is with the spectator and they can't lose, as all the cards have become shamrocks!!

Includes the silk screen printed cards in full colour on bicycle poker stock, and the ever present packet trick wallet, together with a booklet detailing Pat's full handling and routine!

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