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False Anchors Deck by Ryan Schlutz - OOP. LAST DECK!


False Anchors Playing Cards are a unique worker deck created by Ryan Schlutz. The design embraces his False Anchors philosophy of hiding in plain sight.  The tessellated anchor pattern may look innocent, but it hides some diabolical secrets.

In addition to the custom back design, the False Anchors deck also offers a custom Ace of Spades and matching Jokers that give the cards that extra touch of class. The remaining faces were left untouched to match standard Bicycle faces, allowing you to mix and match with other cards and incorporate the FA deck into your existing routines.

The decks are made in the USA by the US Playing Card Company and are printed on a durable, flexible Classic stock with Magic Finish. This combo gives an unrivaled luxurious feeling straight from the box.


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