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Zodiac Prediction by Liam Montier


An incredible, three phase routine that allows you to predict your spectator's star sign AND selected card.... and then turn the rest of the playing cards blank. All with NO moves or sleight of hand. This is mega commercial magic that anyone can do. It's a keeper!!! :)

 "This simple routine packs WAY more punch than I ever expected. It's become a highlight of my lectures!' - Liam Montier

Includes Booklet, Download Video, props and blank cards! CHECK OUT WHAT OTHER GREAT MAGICIAN'S ARE SAYING ABOUT ZODIAC PREDICTION:

"Liam has expertly layered devious construction with a proven, self-working card placement, and put it in a perfect package. Really commercial just got really easy to do." John Bannon "This is just the type of effect that's up my street. Self-working but impossible to explain. There's no mucking about at all. You MUST have known their star-sign! Pure Montier magic! Love it!" Dave Forrest

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