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One of the most popular plots in both mentalism and card magic, the 'Any Card At Any Number' is a classic.  Here are our three top picks for this essential plot.   

Take a look at 'Affected by Berglas' for a pure and direct version.  The demonstration shows the worst that the trick can look, and 1 time in 10, you don't have to even TOUCH the pack once everything has been named - this is KILLER!

For sheer cunning, David Britland's 'Bogus Effect' is explained with our Reverse Svengali pack.  It is super clever, with an ingenious force, and an amazing touch where the card is ALWAYS exactly at the number chosen (usually, with a Svengali deck, the card is AT the odd number, or AFTER the even number.  With David's handling, it is ALWAYS at the named number.  My touch was the addition of the 'nerd dice' which takes the heat off of the pack, but you can leave them out if you like a more direct presentation.

The last version is 'Luck of the Draw' - a versatile force bag that I use for a 'ACAAN' style routine where you show a special deck that has different two and three digit numbers written on the back.  This is set aside, and a card is freely chosen from a regular pack, and a number removed from a bag (that you don't need to touch or hold) that contains lots of different numbers.  When the chosen card is removed from the special pack, it has the chosen number on the back!  This is super deceptive, practical and versatile for lots of other tricks.