The Carey Files

The Carey Files

Sometime back, John Carey asked me to contribute a card trick to his forthcoming book, and I was flattered but also quite anxious.  I have created and published a ton of card magic (mostly through my eBooks) but what would John like?  

Having read Crafted With Carey and Minimalistica, John's earlier books, it's clear that he has a style and a method of construction.

The construction of card tricks is what fascinates me, and I spend a lot of time studying creators and their unique styles (Bannon, Walton and Elmsley are all absolute masters with their unique approaches and trade-offs) and so I quickly noticed John's style and preferences.

John tackles all of his work with simplicity.  The books contain tricks that are easily accomplished with one or two moves, and are direct to follow - there's no complicated plot lines and very few multi-phase routines.

So, I tried to choose a trick of my own that matches John's constructive style - a direct, two phase routine that gets everything done with a single move, and what John would call 'a bit of smoke'. :D

Keep an eye out for the book, you can check it out here, together with a handful of demos of tricks included inside.

If you like what you see, also keep an eye on John's previous books.  They contain a lot of very enjoyable card magic.  (Kaymar don't stock them, as John doesn't wholesale, so head to him direct). And keep an eye out for 'Poker Face'.  Hope you enjoy it as much as John's work! :)

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