Pegasus Page with the Double Blank Svengali Deck

Pegasus Page with the Double Blank Svengali Deck

The double blank Svengali deck is an amazing utility, and it's the first prop that I turn to when I'm looking to add something totally different to my set.  You can customise it, and use it to predict and reveal songs, bands, films, actors, celebrities, colours, drawings, numbers, words, countries and anything else you can think of, which gives you a ton of options when it comes to thinking of novel revelations.

And, when combined with my crafty double force handling, it makes it easy to build a full routine, rather than just a quick one phase trick.

Check out this video which shows my unique double force handling, using movies.  

Having used the movie presentation for a fair amount of time now, I decided to change things up and apply the same principle to the classic Pegasus Page book test.  Here's what you need...

A double blank Svengali deck, a Marker Pen, a small paper back book (something with around 100 pages is ideal.  I'm actually using Karl Fulves 'Self Working Mental Magic' for a somewhat post-modern presentation) and finally an envelope.

Tear page 67 out of the book, and seal it into the envelope.

Take your double blank Svengali deck, and on all of the short cards, write totally random two digit numbers, one on each side.  On the long cards, write all your force numbers - 67 all on one side, and whatever other number you want to use on the other. 

Set the deck up as in the video to force both, and the final bit of preparation is to look up the first word on the second page you are going to force.

You are ready to rock!


Bring out the props, hand the book to one spectator, and the envelope to the second one.

Using the blank svengali, force the known page number on the first spectator - they turn to the page and think of the first word, and you reveal it letter by letter.

Flip the deck over and force the second page number on the spectator holding the envelope, (page 67) and direct them to turn to the page... 

They find it is missing, and of course, it turns up in the envelope that they were holding from the start.




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