Fortune Prediction

There's some gorgeous decks of cards that you can get, and we stock the 'Kadar Deck', which is a fortune telling themed pack - there's also the 'Gypsy Fortune Telling' Pack and others that have the meanings printed onto the cards.

This makes them ideal for a fortune telling / reading effect, and here is a really simple and effective one to get you started.

Before you even introduce the cards, write a prediction on a piece of paper.  If you are using the Kadar Deck, put 'Your future contains the warming fire.  Social confidence and creativity.  The Seven of Clubs'.

Hand it to a spectator, commenting that it relates to a future event.  Then bring out the Kadar Deck, have the spectator shuffle it, and then take them back and show the faces, explaining that each card has a meaning on them, making it easy for anyone to give readings.

As you show the cards, cut the Seven of Clubs to the back. This is completely covered by the casual display of the cards.

Set the pack down and have the spectator cut them into three packets.  Keep track of the top packet, which has the Seven of Clubs on top.

Explain that the spectator has shuffled and cut the cards, which allows the cards to be in tune with them, and that each packet represents a different time - past, present and future.

Turn over the top card of the first packet (not the force 7C packet, save that for the end!) and give a reading, seeing if it applies to the spectators past.  Go on with the second packet, doing the same but applying it to the present.  Finally let them turn over the last card on top of the last packet, and give them the reading on the Seven of Clubs, applying it to their future.

Finally have the prediction looked at.  SHAZAM!

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